Josh Woods-
Banjo, Vocals

Josh Woods- Banjo, Vocals

Josh began his musical journey at the age of eleven when he would sneak around at the church his Father was Pastor and attempted to play the bass guitar. Josh noticed he could hear chord changes naturally and eventually started playing along with the piano player. Each year the church hosted a camp meeting where bluegrass pros like Tom Holt, Dale Tilley, and Richard Mcknight would be on stage "burning it up" His interest changed to guitar and mandolin after hearing those guys playing bluegrass and the sound of the banjo sparked his interest as well. Josh has played in various bands like Born Again, Shiloh, and now the Borrowed Tyme Band. Josh describes playing with Borrowed Tyme as a challenge being he is on banjo now, but loves the fact that he can create music with some of his best friends! "My father was my biggest fan and helped me get instruments when needed and drove me all around the mid west in support of my playing" Josh lost his father in 2010 and now is a father himself and hopes to teach his daughter the style of bluegrass if she so desires. Roger and Josh have a deep connection to the bluegrass greats like Stanley Brothers, Flatt and Scruggs and Jimmy Martin. This connection shines through and the other band members add their flavor and create what you now know as "Borrowed Tyme"